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CHTHON - Eremite CD

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CHTHON - Eremite CD

DIPR - 25 CHTHON - Eremite CD
Genre: Black / Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Death in Pieces Records / Chaos & Hell Productions

Chthon is a Death-Black metal ensemble hailing from Athens, Greece.

Firmly rooted in the Black Metal sound at the time, the project was born by P.L and A.B in 2018.

Soon after, V.A and G.K joined, and the band recorded the "Legacy of Filth" demo.

Chthon continued composing new material throughout 2020 - 2021 and in January 2022, they entered Unreal Studio to produce their first full length, "Eremite".

Fueled by G.K's vocals, the overall influences of all the members, and the drums, where the band enlisted the services of Vassilis Stavrianidis (Yoth Iria, Terrordome) as a session drummer, the material crossed into Death Metal territory while still retaining it's Black aesthetics.

"Eremite" showcases the band's blend of Death Metal brutality and Black Metal ferocity, along with haunting elements of Dark Ambient atmosphere, and lyrical themes of darkness, isolation and the occult.


1. The Blasted Heath
2. Verum Inanis
3. Eremite
4. Procession
5. Duskward Spire
6. Legacy Of Filth
7. Crimson Witch Ritual
8. Nethermost Blasphemy

Release notes:
'Eremite' produced by Alex Ketenjian and Chthon
Recorded between 2021 and 2022.
Drums recorded at Mix Studios.
Mixed and mastered at Unreal Studio in Nea Smyrni, Greece.
Sigil of Chthon by Ayis Lertas
Cover art by Khaos Diktator Design

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